Why you should choose Li-ion battery for your laptop

Before we will answer the question, we will present you what Li-ion battery is and how it is constructed. Li-ion battery is a kind of battery which has one electrode made of carbon and the second one of metal oxide. As an electrolyte, the battery is using compound chemical lithium salts dissolved in mixed organic solvents. The battery has no memory or the lazy battery effect. It is worth to mentioned that the technology, in comparison with nickel-metal hydride, can cumulate even 2 times more energy with the same load and size.

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Replacing laptop battery

Each portable device is equipped with the battery, without it the mobility advantage cannot be reached. The most common type is a Li-ion battery with durability limited to approx. 500 charging cycles which means 2-3 years depending on the usage. Cells inside the battery are getting older and the capacity gets naturally lower. The first sign of cells decrease is shortened performance time until the moment when the only way to work on your laptop is to keep it connected to the charger for the whole time. As a result its the biggest advantage has been lost. One of the most effective solutions is to replace the faulty item with the new one.

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